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Welcome to Elk Packaging, a family-owned business with over 35 years of dedication to providing top-tier packaging solutions. We proudly serve our customers, prioritizing superior product quality, exceptional service, and competitive pricing. Our commitment to excellence also extends to our sustainability as we lead the charge in developing innovative, sustainable packaging solutions for the future.

At Elk Packaging, we embrace the Elk Way, marked by trusted industry relationships, unwavering quality, informed expertise, and a passion for the environment.

Compostable Stand-Up Pouches

Compostable Stand-Up Pouches

Recyclable Stand-Up Pouches

Recyclable Stand-Up Pouches

PCR Stand-Up Pouches

PCR Stand-Up Pouches
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A Legacy of Service

Elk Packaging is a trusted family-owned business with over 35 years of experience in serving the western United States. Our unwavering commitment to delivering superior products, excellent service, and competitive pricing has made us a go-to choice for customers. Elk Packaging is at the forefront of sustainable solutions, dedicated to safeguarding the planet for future generations. Join us as we lead the way in sustainable packaging innovation. Whether it's a single product or a full turnkey operation, our services have you covered:

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The Elk Way…
Dedicated to Quality and Service
We make magic happen for our clients. Quality Guaranteed. We provide our customers with a head-ache free experience of purchasing packaging.
Knowledgeable & Informative
Decades of experience in packaged goods allows us to provide our customers with comprehensive service and support. We seamlessly integrate with our customers to guide, educate and troubleshoot to get the job done.
Environmentally Forward
Elk is dedicated to the evolution of sustainable packaging. We provide expertise in sustainable packaging: materials, technology, and end-of-life considerations.
Impacked Packaging


We make custom stand-up pouches to meet your product's barrier requirements, filling equipment specs and aesthetic preferences.

Whether you need a standard stand-up pouch, coffee bag or custom pouch shape package, we have you covered. Elk is proud to offer fully recyclable and compostable pouch options as well to help reduce the carbon footprint of your product.

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Comprehensive Service and Support

You only need to place one phone call for all of your printing and packaging needs. We provide truly turnkey packaging solutions with excellent service, competitive pricing, and guaranteed quality. In addition, Elk is leading the way to bring exceptional sustainable packaging solutions to the packaged goods industry with exceptional servcies including:
Complete Packaging Solutions
Glossy & Matte Coatings
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Structural Design
Our Sustainability Initiatives
Impacked Packaging
At Elk Packaging, we are committed to promoting and developing packaging solutions that are better for the planet. We offer a variety of sustainable packaging options, from fully recyclable, fully compostable or bio-based structures. When it comes to sustainable packaging, our customers see us as a strategic partner and integrator. We help brands navigate the path to sustainability - we have vetted our material suppliers, we know which materials perform the best, and we are experts in end of life concerns.


Elk Packaging is your trusted partner on the journey towards sustainable packaging solutions. We're dedicated to the planet and offer a diverse range of eco-friendly options, including our recyclable and compostable options for standup pouches. Count on Elk Packaging to seamlessly integrate sustainability into your product packaging, helping you make a positive environmental impact.
Compostable Standup Pouches
Compostable Standup Pouches
Our Compostable pouches are third party lab tested to ASTM D6400 and D6868 standards verifying that they break down in commercial compost conditions. This is the gold standard of sustainable packaging if appropriate for your item. BPI sublicensing options available upon request.
Recyclable Standup Pouches
Recyclable Standup Pouches
Our Storefront Recyclable Stand Up Pouches are a fully customizable solution and a preferred path forward for many large retailers.
Innovation Spotlight

At the Forefront of Sustainable Innovation

Elk’s leadership in the sustainable packaging space has been established for well over a decade, beginning with the development and launch of the first fully compostable gusseted stand up pouch back in 2015. Since then, we have shepherded numerous brands through the process of transitioning to sustainable packaging whether it be Compostable, PCR or Recyclable options. Recent successes range from tea brands to energy bars to chocolate to nutraceuticals to beauty.
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